Your Registrar

Your Registrar: Here to Support You

For professional faculty students, your main point of contact is your faculty registrar’s office . For students in the Faculty of Arts & Science, your main point of contact is your college registrar’s office . For graduate students, you main point of contact is your department, but you may also seek advice and assistance from your graduate faculty registrar or the School of Graduate Studies.

Although there are some differences among divisions, in general, you should call or visit your registrar for:

  • academic advising — help in formulating and/or adjusting your short- or long-term educational goals, including course selection and interpreting degree requirements and understanding university regulations
  • personal counselling — assistance with any matter that is getting in the way of your success as a student
  • financial counselling — help with financial planning, budgeting and overcoming financial emergencies

Your registrar can also refer you to appropriate resources on campus if you are struggling with personal or academic issues that are affecting your school work.

Registrarial Services for Professional Faculty Undergraduate Students

College Registrars (for Faculty of Arts and Science students):

Registrarial Services for Graduate Students

Graduate students most commonly seek academic advice from their departmental advisors or supervisors who they are paired with when they are accepted to their program. However, graduate students may also consult with the graduate administrator in their graduate unit or the School of Graduate Studies :